Students to put their skills to the test in mock interviews with business professionals

By CUSD Insider staff

Students in Capistrano Unified School District are about to be tested as part of CUSD Futureology’s Career Success Sequence.

The students in grades 9 to 12 will meet virtually with real-world business professionals from various industries, and will use all the skills they have learned throughout the school year as they flex their interviewing muscles in a series of mock interviews.

The event on May 23, from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., is the last in the four-part Career Success Sequence. The interviews bring together the employability, resume-building and other social skills presented throughout the Career Success Sequence, said Beatrice Nguyen, college and career counselor for the district.

The interviews are 15 minutes long, over Zoom, with 15-minute post-interview tips and feedback given. Students will also receive a grading sheet to learn how they did. Space is extremely limited, and registration is required. The Zoom meeting links will be emailed following registration.

“When students register, they are actually asked what kind of mock interview they want,” Nguyen said. “We really do tailor the interview for them.”

Nguyen added that interviewing is as commonplace as it is essential, whether for jobs, internships, college admissions, or scholarships.

“It is like real life. They’re going to meet someone they’ve never met before,” Nguyen said. “They’re going to be put on the spot and have to answer questions about themselves.”

Past business partners working with the district on the mock interviews have included Silicon Valley executives, university admissions officers, and even a former NFL player.

Nguyen is expecting at least 15 business people to volunteer their time this year.

To prepare for the mock interview, the following is suggested:

  • It’s recommended to have watched the previous Career Success Sequence events, notably the interviewing skills session.
  • Have a résumé handy, as the interviewer will review it.
  • Even though the interviews will be held on Zoom, students should be in professional attire and in a quiet, appropriate place for the video teleconference.

“This is a safe environment,” Nguyen said. “We’re not trying to scare anyone. We want students to show up just to get the experience of being in front of someone, knowing what it feels like to be interviewed. There isn’t any pressure and there are zero stakes. We want them to have fun, but to take it seriously as well.”

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