Students cook up exciting new recipes for National School Breakfast Week

In celebration of National School Breakfast Week, CUSD Food & Nutrition Services held a Healthy Recipe Contest, asking students to submit their favorite breakfast dishes. Submissions could be no more than five ingredients and needed to include a fruit and/or vegetable. Students wrote out the ingredients, instructions for preparation and a paragraph describing their dish and why it was important to them.

Over 100 recipes were submitted, and the top-five were selected for the final round. The F&S team prepared the five dishes Monday morning, and tasked Superintendent Dr. Chris Brown and other staff members to vote on their favorites based on taste, creativity and use of the fruits and vegetables.

In a closely contested tasting, there were two winners- apple cronuts and breakfast crunchwrap. You can see all of the recipes and photos of the finished products below.

Apple Cronuts

Apple Cronuts


Breakfast Crunchwrap

Crunch Wrap


Korean Eggs and Rice

Korean Eggs and Rice1


Ube Mochi Pancakes

Ube Mochi Pancakes1


Berry Good Tapioca Balls

Berry Good Tapioca Balls


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