Preschool at Canyon Vista Elementary in Aliso Viejo. Photo by Steven Georges/CUSD Insider

Looking for a preschool? Join us to explore CUSD’s affordable, nurturing and challenging programs!

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We believe all children should be provided with a nurturing, active, and challenging environment that encourages curiosity, hands-on learning, problem solving skills, language development, and a positive self-image. The preschool curriculum is aligned with the state preschool standards and frameworks providing preschool students with a foundation on all eight domains of learning and development for school readiness.

WHEN: Thursday, January 13 at 10:00 am to 11:00 am (15-minute Q & A session)

WHAT: An Interactive Live Stream Panel Discussion in Q & A format

WHO:  Panelists
—Kirsten Vital Brulte, Superintendent

—Cary Johnson, Assistant Superintendent Education & Support Services

—Peggy Baerst, Executive Director, Curriculum & Instruction, General and Special Education, PK-5
—Lauren Pattullo, Director, Early Childhood Programs & Services General & SPED

—Natalie Hayes, Preschool Teacher, Don Juan Avila Elementary School in Aliso Viejo
Moderator: Ryan Burris, Chief Communications and Public Engagement Officer

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Topics: Why preschoolers need more than just academics . . . .

—The importance and benefits of preschool

—CUSD preschool program offerings, including Spanish and Mandarin options

—Full-day or half-day? A typical day and how to prepare your child

—Enriching indoor and outdoor play experiences

—Preschool and COVID protocols/safety measures

—Tips and suggestions

—How to enroll your child

Q &A Session:  Email your webinar questions to [email protected] through Monday, January 10, 2022

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