CVHS students win CLASS Essay Contest prizes

Ten students in the Mandarin Immersion Program at Capistrano Valley High School won awards in a prestigious essay contest this year. The 19th Annual National Chinese Language Association of Secondary-Elementary Students (CLASS) Essay Contest presents students with an opportunity to write an original essay in Mandarin. This year’s contest focused on the changing nature of the modern world, and asked high school students to answer one of the following questions-

  1. The current state of global affairs has left many people anxious and uncertain about the future. Pick one specific area of change  (war, inflation, climate change, etc.) and analyze how it will affect your future.  What do you hope you and your generation can do to deal with this issue? Provide data and research to back up your position.
  2. Describe your life and the things you love about your life. Then pick one thing going on in the world that you don’t like, something you wish were different. Why don’t you like it? How can you make it better to create a better life for everyone?

🥇Gold Awards:

Michael Yousef (11th grade)

Natalie La (11th grade)


🥈Silver Awards:

William Pang (11th)

Alex Nguyen (11th)

Julianne Tawara (11th)

Teddy Wang (11th)

David Song (10th)


🏅Honorable Mention:

Delaney Adan (11th)

Oliver Jones (10th)

Fiona Kouwabunpat (10th)

Fiona Kouwabunpat, David Song, Oliver Jones


Michaeil Yousef, William Pang, Alex Nguyen, Teddy Wang, Delaney Adan, Juliane Tawara, Natalie La

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