Updated COVID-19 Guidance



Recently the CDPH updated their K-12 school COVID-19 guidance. The updated guidance ends the routine notification of students/families of school-based exposures. As a result, schools will no longer send out Group Tracing Notifications to families of students exposed to COVID 19. Capistrano Unified will continue to maintain the COVID-19 dashboard for those monitoring campus exposure levels. Please continue to report COVID illness to the school’s attendance office.

During times of elevated community transmission of COVID-19 as determined by the CDC, schools will provide a general notification to the entire school community. This communication will alert all to the increased potential of being exposed to COVID-19 due to a rise in cases among school and community members, and remind all to monitor for symptoms and get tested.

As required by Cal/OSHA COVID-19 Non Emergency Regulation, school sites will continue to notify employees of COVID exposure. 

Complimentary at home COVID-19 tests are available for all staff and students.  For more information regarding CUSD’s COVID 19 safety protocols, please visit the COVID 19 School Safety page.

 The District will continue to provide updates to the guidance and protocols, as maintaining a healthy and safe school environment is our priority. 

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