Newhart enjoys fun Unified Friends Day

Newhart Middle School hosted its second annual Unified Friends Day on November 9. Newhart has a group of special education students from STEPS and OCDE on its campus, and the event was a chance for them to participate in fun activities and sports during Panther physical education periods. Rocco Paterno, Newhart’s physical education teacher, organized the event as a way to promote physical activity and create new friendships among the students.

Newhart students volunteered to organize and lead 12 stations with different sports and activities, and were interviewed by Mr. Paterno as to why they wanted to connect with the special education students. During three periods throughout the day, the STEPS and OCDE students came out onto the sixth grade blacktop to play hockey and basketball, jump rope and swing hula hoops, and so much more.

Check out the photos from the fun, active afternoon.


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