Marco Forster mariachi band making beautiful music in CUSD


When you walk through the campus of Marco Forster Middle School lately, you might be lucky enough to hear the lively, beautiful sounds of Mariachi music flowing through the halls. The music teachers were looking for a way to celebrate some of the highest achieving students in the program and identified a style of music with a rich history that would connect them with the culture and heritage of the community.

The students formed a band- aptly named Correcaminos, after the school’s mascot- to learn the unique style of music and understand the traditions that make it so relevant to Mexican culture. At this year’s open house,Correcaminos dressed in authentic Mariachi attire to perform for the entire school community.

CUSD Insider’s Tauli Anderson spoke with the band members and teachers, listened to a rehearsal and learned why this experience means so much to all of them.

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