Letter to Families: Global Threats



Dear CUSD Families, Students, and Employees,

Users on social media have been circulating a statement from a former Hamas leader calling for a “global day of action” on Friday, October 13, 2023. Many of our families have shared these posts with school administrators and District leadership. Please know that we have a close working relationship with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and that we have discussed these social media posts with them.

According to our law enforcement partners, there is no threat to our community, at this time.

How does the Sheriff’s Department monitor threats?

CUSD, through the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, works with the Orange County Intelligence Assessment Center (OCIAC),  an integrated, multi-disciplined information and intelligence sharing network that collects, analyzes, and disseminates information on all criminal risks and safety threats to law enforcement, fire, health, private sector and public sector stakeholders in order to protect the residents, visitors, and critical infrastructure in Orange County. OCIAC is monitoring statements and threats nationally and internationally and working closely with federal law enforcement as necessary.

Support for our Students

We know that national and international conflicts impact our diverse community in a number of ways, with our students being most affected by what they see and hear on television and social media. It’s important for families to monitor what news and social media children have access to and to check in with children to help them process their thoughts and concerns and ask questions, seek understanding, and achieve clarity through the chaos of continuous news and social media coverage that is often mixed with truth and misinformation.

For our part, CUSD has counselors available at each school to provide support.  If you feel your child needs assistance, please contact your school directly.  Also, consider visiting our Family Resource Center, which provides a variety of resources for students and families.

See Something, Say Something

We also want to remind you that the safety of our schools is a partnership between our school sites and our communities – and one that we greatly value. If you see anything suspicious, please report it directly to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. Additionally, students and families can also report anonymous concerns through the See Something, Say Something website.

Comprehensive School Safety

Finally, for more information on Capistrano Unified school safety protocols and procedures, please visit our website.

The safety and welfare of our students and employees is important to us. Please know that we will continue to monitor national and global events and work closely with our law enforcement partners to understand local impacts.



Ryan Burris
Chief Communications
and Public Information Officer


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