Capistrano Unified expresses gratitude for over 2,000 classified employees

By Chelsea Turner

Capistrano Unified School District won’t let school closures get in the way of celebrating the district’s over 2,000 classified staff members during Classified School Employees Week.

Students wanted to do something extra special to show their appreciation

They created this special video message to thank all CUSD classified employees and show them just how much they mean to them.

Superintendent Kirsten Vital expressed her gratitude with the following letter of appreciation

Dear CUSD Classified Employees,

We look forward to honoring the incredible work of our classified employees each year during Classified School Employees Week. This year, that honor takes on an entirely new meaning as we find ourselves navigating uncharted territory.

Our classified staff make a difference in the daily lives of our students in so many ways. You transport our students safely to and from school, field trips, and events, maintain and repair our campuses and facilities, ensure our students receive nutritious meals every day, keep their classrooms clean and safe, manage the resources and technology that support 21st Century learning, provide them with life-changing support and intervention, serve as the front line of communication in our main offices and departments, and care for them when they are hurt or not feeling well.

Over the last eight weeks, we have been faced with unimaginable challenges and uncertainty, but through it all, you remain committed to supporting our District, and the teaching and learning of our 47,000 young people. You have kept our classrooms clean during a pandemic, assisted in the planning and preparation required to successfully launch distance learning, distributed more than 6,000 chromebooks, provided over 200,000 meals, and ensured our students and families received critical support and information during this transition to distance learning.

Now, more than ever, the work you do each day is critical to the social, emotional, and academic success of our students, and we could not run our school district without you!

On behalf of our Board of Trustees, I want to say thank you for all that you do, and wish you all a Happy Classified School Employees Week!


Kirsten Vital

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