Valentine’s mixer connects District staff

The District Office staff got into the Valentine’s Day spirit with a fun mixer event that helped people make new friends around the office. Staff members that participated met in the Human Resource Services office and were given half a paper heart with an image on it. The game was simple- Find your match.

The game brought together such classic combos and cats and dogs, table and chair, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. There were also some more recently relevant pairs like Barbie and Ken, and Taylor and Travis.

Taylor and Travis
Table and Chair
Sony and Cher
Sandy and Spongebob
Peter Pan and Tinkerbell
Mickey and Minnie
Lady and the Tramp
Kermit and Miss Piggy
Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows
Homer and Marge
Gilligan and the Skipper
George and Jane
Fred and Wilma
Donald and Daisy Duck
Cookies and Milk
Cats and Dogs
Barbie and Ken

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