Never to early to learn about career opportunities for Palisades students

During Palisades Elementary’s Career Week, College & Career Advantage (CCA) Career Guidance Specialists Marissa Davisson and Lynne Bell orchestrated engaging and interactive activities to broaden students’ career horizons. They led a unique “dress-up” session, allowing elementary students to explore various professions by trying on outfits such as firefighter, doctor, and medical assistant. This hands-on experience sparked curiosity and ambition, encouraging students to envision themselves in diverse roles.

In addition to the dress-up activity, Marissa and Lynne organized a creative workshop focused on Fashion Design. Students were given t-shirt templates and encouraged to unleash their artistic talents by designing their own custom works of art. This activity not only fostered creativity but also introduced students to the vibrant world of fashion and design, illustrating the intersection between art and future career possibilities.

As part of the Career Week festivities, CUSD Futureology counselor Linda Kang collaborated with Marissa and Lynne to host an engaging career-themed bingo session. Linda facilitated discussions, answering students’ questions about various careers and guiding them through the bingo game. This interactive activity prompted students to think critically about different professions, providing valuable insights into the diverse career paths available to them. According to Marissa Davisson, “The Palisades Career Day was such a success! The students, from TK to 5th grade, were engaged and excited to learn about careers.” 

Overall, the collaborative efforts of CCA and Futureology during Palisades Elementary’s Career Week made a lasting impression on students, igniting their curiosity and enthusiasm for exploring future vocations. For more information about Career Technical Education programs in CUSD, visit and follow @theccadvantage on Instagram and Twitter.

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