Mandarin Immersion Senior Profile: Aidan Le

The Capistrano Valley Class of 2024 will include the first ever graduates of the Mandarin Immersion Program. CUSD Insider asked the seniors to reflect on their time with the program and share what they have planned for after graduation.

Aidan Le

Aidan Le of the Mandarin Immersion Program at Capistrano Valley High.
Photo by Steven Georges/CUSD Insider

When did you start in the Mandarin Immersion Program?

5th Grade

Why did you join the Mandarin Immersion Program?

I joined because I really wanted to learn Chinese and thought it would benefit me in the future. It would also help me standout and create newfound connections being able to speak multiple languages.

What are your plans after you graduate from CUSD?

My plan after I graduate from CUSD is to go to college. I plan on attending a 4-year college earning a business degree and either going into real estate or sales.

What other activities were you involved with in high school?

I was involved in the investment club and played basketball for Capistrano Valley. I also was part of the California Scholarship Federation where we would do community service activities as well as help set up activities around our school.

What was your favorite part of the Mandarin Immersion Program experience?

My favorite part of the Mandarin Immersion Program experience was the ability to have likeminded friends, all connected by the culture. We have grown incredibly close over the years, and I will cherish that forever.

What aspect of the Mandarin Immersion Program surprised you the most?

An aspect of the Mandarin Immersion Program that surprised me the most was the teacher’s determination for all of their students to succeed. The teachers in the program are exceptional, and push the students to be the best that they can be.

How has the Mandarin Immersion Program prepared you for life after graduation?

The Mandarin Immersion Program has prepared my life after graduation by allowing me to communicate with those who I wouldn’t be able to communicate with if I were not in the program. It has also allowed me to gain a sense of community and has created friends for life that will stay connected past just high school.

How will you use your Mandarin knowledge in your daily life?

I can use my knowledge of Mandarin in my daily life to communicate with others that speak Mandarin. It can also allow me to expand my knowledge just past that of English, allowing me to also be able to translate things to others.

What advice would you give other students considering joining the Mandarin Immersion Program?

The advice I would give to other students considering joining the Mandarin Program is to be open minded when it comes to learning. There may be different ways that are used to teach, but you can adapt, and it will help you in the coming future.

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