CUSD partners with Linewize for online student safety



Dear CUSD Families,

As part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring student safety, mental health, and wellbeing, we are proud to announce that CUSD is now using Linewize, a leading provider of online student safety and wellbeing technology.

Linewize is active on every District-issued Chromebook.

How does it work? 

Linewize Monitor uses a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and specially trained human moderators to flag when a student’s online behavior may be dangerous.

Suspected low level concerns are flagged for school officials to evaluate. Suspected higher level concerns, including a risk to student health or life, are reviewed by a human moderator who will contact the school directly, if deemed genuine. This happens within minutes of the risk occurring. 

Low risks are stored in a portal for school officials to review and discount as a false alarm as appropriate. More serious risks, including to student health or life are sent to a human moderator for analysis and escalation to our school district’s safeguarding contact, who may be in contact in case of emergency.

Categories of alerts include:

  • Vulnerable Person (credible threats of suicide, severely distressed)
  • Bullying/Violence (intimidation, threatening others)
  • Sexual Content (explicit images, video, or text)
  • Offensive User (profanity, objectionable subjects or images)
  • Oversharer (exposes data about themselves)
  • Grooming (inappropriate interactions with 18 years or older adults)
  • Terrorism/Extremism (promotes violence, intimidation or terrorist activities)

What Linewize Monitor doesn’t do: 

  • View, share, or collect personal student data
  • Have access to parental contact information
  • Access video cameras on student devices
  • Monitor personal devices unless they are logged into their CUSD Student account 
  • Contact parent(s)/guardian(s) directly 

Protection and privacy

Privacy is a critical priority for our district. For more information on Linewize Monitor privacy and protection measures, please view this link.

How can you help keep students safe?

While Linewize Monitor acts as a threat detection tool, we encourage families to talk to their children about good digital citizenship and to report any potential cyberbullying or other sensitive issues to your school principal.

For more detailed information on Linewize, visit If you have any other questions, please feel free to let me know.



Ryan Burris
Chief Communications
and Public Engagement Officer

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