CUSD Counselor Spotlight: Justin Morrison

In celebration of National School Counseling Week, CUSD Insider is showcasing profiles of the fantastic counselors we have throughout the District.

Today we are highlighting Justin Morrison, Don Juan Avila Middle School counselor

Q: How long have you worked in CUSD?

A: 2.5 years

Q: Describe your role in supporting student success at your school or in your department.

A: I have the privilege of supporting students academic, social/emotional needs, and everything else that comes after middle school. Anything from helping navigate friendships to help navigating strategies for success and everything in between.

Q: How long have you worked professionally in school counseling? 

A: Before coming to DJAMS I worked with a private company that we worked on college campuses to help students with Autism gain Executive functioning skills so that they could independently complete college.

Q: What college degrees and professional certifications do you hold?

A: Masters in Education in Educational and Clinical Counseling

Q: What do you find most rewarding about counseling work?

A: Being able to see students grow and overcome challenges they did not think they could overcome. It is rewarding knowing that we are laying down foundations so that they can be successful in the future.

Q: When you were in school, did you have an impactful experience with a counselor?

A: No. The only interaction I had with a counselor is when they called me into their office, looked at my grades, and told me I would never go anywhere in life. I do not want that to be a students experience.

Q: How do counselors in CUSD help support one another?

A: We often get together to bounce ideas off of each other and share what we have done in order to make our own sites stronger!

Q: Please add anything additional on any topic not covered in previous questions.

A: It cannot be overstated the importance of a good team. The team I have are wonderfully supportive from Admin, teachers, and everyone on the campus that contribute to student success. It really would not be able to do this job without them and I owe them a great deal of gratitude.


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