Celebrating Excellence: Juan Gutierrez and Juan Carlos Alvarez Shine at CCA

By Jillian Dean

College and Career Advantage (CCA) proudly honors two exceptional individuals, Juan Gutierrez and Pharmacy Technologist teacher Juan Carlos Alvarez, naming them Employee of the Year and Teacher of the Year. These esteemed awards recognize Juan Gutierrez’s three decades of dedication and Juan Carlos Alvarez’s inspirational impact in the classroom.

Employee Of The Year Juan Gutierrez’s 31 years of service at CCA reflect his unwavering commitment and versatility. Serving as a delivery driver, assembler, mover, and inventory specialist, he goes above and beyond to ensure teachers receive supplies promptly and projects are seamlessly completed. Juan finds joy in hitting the open road, connecting with familiar faces, and leaving a positive impact at every stop. His life philosophy, “Expect the unexpected; that way, you will never be surprised,” mirrors his adaptability and proactive approach. Beyond his professional dedication, Juan is a proud father to Penelope and anticipates the arrival of another bundle of joy in July 2024.

Juan Carlos Alvarez, CCA’s Teacher of the Year, brings 16 years of teaching expertise, rooted in his unique journey as an ROP student who earned his Pharmacy Technician license. With 21 years as a Hospital Pharmacy Technician, Juan’s classroom benefits from his extensive training and practical insights. His favorite aspect of teaching lies in the realization that he can make a positive change in someone’s life. Juan’s classroom buzzes with activity, where students engage in practical skills, test each other, and share laughs, all while learning. His impact is succinctly captured in a student quote: “Mr. Alvarez makes learning fun!” As Teacher of the Year, Mr. Alvarez will attend the Orange County Teacher of the Year celebration at Disneyland in October.

The stories of Juan Carlos Alvarez and Juan Gutierrez epitomize the diverse talents and unwavering commitment that make College & Career Advantage an exceptional ROP. Congratulations to both Juan Gutierrez and Juan Carlos Alvarez for their well-deserved recognition!

To learn more about CCA, visit ccadvantage.org or @theccadvantage on Instagram and Twitter. 


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