State, county issue warnings on rainbow fentanyl

Public health and law enforcement agencies throughout California have issued warnings on a recent trend of brightly-colored fentanyl pills being distributed. Rainbow fentanyl comes in a variety of colors (yellow, blue, red) and resembles candy or sidewalk chalk, making it appealing to school-age children. Fentanyl is an opioid that is the leading cause of death of children 17 years and younger, and a lethal dose is just 2 mg in size.

Size of lethal dose of fentanyl (right) (Source:


Families should be aware of this recent trend and speak with their children about the new forms of the drug and its potential harm.CUSD has informed all principals, teachers and classified staff of this issue and remains diligent in protecting students on campus. The Board of Trustees approved an updated Board Policy (5141.21, Administering Medication and Monitoring Health Conditions) on Sept. 21, permitting Naloxone nasal spray to be used by a trained staff member for an individual suspected of having an opioid overdose.

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