#beafriendcusd- Friends cheer each other on

Elementary school is an important time for the social development of children, as they identify the qualities of themselves and their classmates. Friendships are developed that may last a lifetime. CUSD wants to promote some of the key qualities of being a good friend through real-life examples, so we asked a simple question- What does it mean to be a friend?

We identified five key characteristics of a good friend, and asked parents to share stories of how their children exemplified these qualities or how they convey the importance of these qualities to their children. 

Each week in May, we will focus on one of these characteristics and share examples provided by CUSD families. If you have any examples of your own, share them on social media with the hashtag #beafriendCUSD. We can all learn from one another,, making CUSD an even friendlier place.

Friends cheer each other on

A friend is your biggest supporter, providing confidence and reassurance. Whether it’s cheering during a sporting event or providing encouragement before a big test, a friend is someone you can look to for support whenever it’s needed. A friend takes pride in cheering on other friends, wanting them to be their very best at all times.

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