Viejo Elementary Students’ Projects Recognized by Fluor Corporation

Two fourth grade students at Viejo Elementary were recognized as of Fluor Corporation’s 2019 National Challenge Winners.

Lola and Lailah were more than 4,300 students from 10 countries who participated in the fifth anniversary of 2019 Fluor Engineering Challenge.

Challenged to create a volleyball machine consisting of two devices, separated by a paper net, which could launch and return a ping pong ball, students brainstormed and built innovative solutions out of simple materials like cups, rubber bands, paper, tape and craft sticks. Striving to minimize the materials used and maximize the number of successful back-and-forth volleys required iterative problem solving and persistence and led to some truly creative solutions.

Congratulations to the twenty winning teams listed in Table 1 whose names were drawn from the eligible pools! Each of these teams earned $1,000 from Fluor for their school, organization, or after-school program.

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